Less than a year ago I took the leap to become a full-time musician.  It’s been a blast to spend my days performing and growing as a singer and guitarist, and to lift people’s spirits through music.

While I do most of my performing in nursing homes in northern Indiana, I also play at wineries, listening rooms, coffee houses, weddings, festivals, and more, and have performed throughout Indiana and in all the surrounding states.

In addition to my solo work, I am a proud member of several music groups.  Please inquire about any of my current projects:

John Bahler:

  • Solo acoustic vocal and instrumental music
  • Cowboy Swing, Old-Time Country, Gospel, Instrumental Hymns, Original Americana
  • Guitar and Vocals, with the occasional number on fiddle, mandolin, or banjo
  • Contact johnbahler@gmail.com to set up a show

Bahler’s Golden Age Band:

  • This is the Bahler family band, featuring John’s father Brad Bahler.
  • Bluegrass, Western Swing, Old-Time Country, Gospel
  • 4 or 5-piece band featuring guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, upright bass, and some of the best vocal harmony you can find
  • Contact johnbahler@gmail.com to learn more

The Stampede String Band:

The Bahler Brothers

  • John and David Bahler
  • Country gospel
  • Guitar with mandolin and fiddle and brother duet harmony in the style of the Louvin Brothers
  • Contact johnbahler@gmail.com to book a show

Filling the Room with One Voice and One Guitar